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About Us

Welcome to Brand New Happy Moon Publishing,                                 

BNHM Publishing is a fresh new company with a different approach to publishing, marketing and the distribution of books. Since the publishing industry grows and  often changes, we want to be two steps ahead. We will not promise you to be a best seller, but what we will promise is quality work. We will not promise ANYTHING we cannot deliver. I say this because it takes a dedicated author AND a publishing TEAM to become a BEST SELLER.

The great thing about US is that we are YOU! We are authors helping authors because we have either learned more about the industry through hands on experience and years of doing it. We are a collective team of branders, marketers and authors who have had best-selling books contributing to the best-selling status of other authors.  We are graphic artists by trade and self-taught. As you will see we are a well-educated team. We expect pride, determination and great will power in being the best published author looking to become a BEST SELLER! 


Creating Worlds Beyond Their Imagination

Query Letter

A query letter is what you send to find out if there is interest in your project. Most publishers require a query for a non-fiction project or novel. Your query should present your project succinctly, much like the preview you read on the inside of a book jacket, along with brief information about your publishing experience, if any. If they ask for a synopsis, try to outline the story with the crucial points and main characters only. Show them how the story is unique.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is what you include with your manuscript and should not be more than one page. If you have already queried the editor, you can simply remind them that they requested to read your manuscript and tell them you look forward to their response (and let them know if it is exclusive or multiple). If you did not query first, then your cover letter should have brief information about the project and yourself. For a cover or a query, you may include a resume if it reflects your expertise in the subject you are writing about and your publishing experience.



Manuscript Submission Process

  • All manuscripts should be submitted via Author online submissions. We only accept submissions through our website.

  • Please put the manuscript title and “manuscript submission” in the subject line.

  • The manuscript text can be either placed in the message or attached as a Microsoft Word document or PDF.

  • Please include a biography of 300 to 400 words. Tell us what other works, if any, you have published. Let us know about any applicable awards you have won.

  • Include a paragraph explaining why you wrote the manuscript; tell us about any competition (author/illustrator, publisher, year published, sales data if available, etc.). If there are competitive books, please explain why your book is different and why you believe it should sell better.

  • How do you envision the marketing of the book?

  • Only one submission per e-mail. Include your bio with each submission.

  • Authors do not need to submit art. Unless there is a specific reason, authors should NOT include illustration suggestions. That would be the illustrator's job.



Full ownership of rights and royalties
Completely customizable in all aspects yourself

Fast to market (6 months)

Complete marketing control

Complete creative control

Complete freedom, no gatekeepers telling you what you can and cannot do

Significantly high profit potential

Can do niche books (which are a huge advantage for most authors)


You must make sure the book is good in all aspects. If it’s unprofessional in any way (writing, cover, marketing, etc.), it will make you look bad.

It’s time consuming to learn and manage the process yourself.

If you hire excellent professionals to help you, it’s expensive.

There’s either a lot of work, or a lot of money, to get it right.

elf Publishing



Monetary advance prior to publishing

Publisher invests the money to publish the book (and they usually can ensure professionalism)

Highest potential for traditional media coverage
Highest chance of bookstore placement

Sends signal of validation (to some people)

Nearly impossible to get a deal (less than 1 percent of proposals are accepted)

Huge time investment

Very slow to market (2+ years)

No ownership of the rights

No marketing control

No creative or content control

Limited financial upside

Won’t do niche books

"What type of Author publishes traditional?"
An Author looking to gain status.
An Author looking for validation.
An Author looking for quick money.

"What type of Author self publishes?"
An Author looking for long term wealth. 
An Author looking for freedom. 
An Author looking  to have free range of creativity. 
An Author looking to the make an impact.

Submission & Packages Open May 01, 2020

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Self Publishing Traditional
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